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We are a non-profit organization committed to promoting social justice and people-centred development in Central America and Mexico. 
  • In Mesoamericawe partner with local organizations to support grassroots programs for people-centred development, the promotion of human rights and citizen engagement.
  • In Canada and globallywe foster solidarity with the peoples of Mesoamerica by building connections and raising awareness about international cooperation and human rights.

Regional Focus

Horizons of Friendship maintains its focus on Central America and Mexico. This is a region where the need is great, with among the highest levels of inequality in the world. This regional focus allows for the in-depth programming, cultural understanding, and long-term planning that are essential for development and change. We continue to learn and grow with our partners in the region.


Compared to many international non-profit organizations, we are a small team. The number of people benefiting from our programs, however, is significant. This is possible thanks to hundreds of volunteers, thousands of supporters and, of course, our partners in the field. This size allows for flexibility, effectiveness/efficiency in programming, and sense of community.  


We partner with local, grassroots organizations so they can address their priority concerns for their communities. There is no one, simple solution to these challenges. Our programming strives to reflect the depth and diversity of the issues underlying poverty and injustice. To achieve this, projects focus on knowledge production, citizen engagement, and service provision.   


Over the past 40 years, Horizons of Friendship has implemented over 1300 projects with over 130 partner organizations! 


It's been over 40 years since we were incorporated as a charitable organization in 1973. We are a federally-registered non-governmental organization [NGO], located in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

The context of our work is changing and this is an exciting time, so we hope you can join us!