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Sustainable Agriculture in Chiapas Mexico

Social and Economic Development of Indigenous Mexicans (DESMI)
Chiapas, Mexico
Food Security, Migration

Working for our nourishment through sustainable agriculture and struggling for our autonomy

The project aims to strengthen the production capacity of Indigenous small scale farmers in Northern Chiapas.  The project will directly benefit 42 sustainable agriculture promoters (32 male; 10 female) and 400 Ch’ol and Tzeltal families.

Major Achievements between May 2013 and March 2014

  • DESMItrained 30 agricultural promoters (5 female; 25 male) in sustainable agriculture techniques.  This training incorporated concepts of gender and gender equality.
  • Of these 30 agricultural promoters, 55% replicated these capacity building workshops through “farmer to farmer” training techniques in eight different communities.  This replicated training reached a further 390 Ch’ol and Tzetzal Indigenous farmers and their families (286 male; 104 female).
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    As a result of the project so far, there has been an increased use of organic fertilizers and insecticides by project participants; there has been the installation and maintenance of a fish pond; there are now five agricultural promoters working around managing small livestock such as chickens, and promoting baking; and there is an increased reflection about the complementarity of the different gender-based roles in productive work.


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