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Supporting Youth in Nicaragua

The Oscar Arnulfo Romero Associaton for Socio-Cultural Promotion -ESPARCE (ACOAR)
Nandaime, Nicaragua
Gender Equality, Youth Engagement

Children and youth: Towards the construction of citizenship in the municipality of Nandaime  

The project aims to promote citizenship among youth and adolescents in the municipality and builds on the two previous projects Horizons has supported with ACOAR. This project will directly involve 60 local children and youth (ages eight and up) as a basis for social transformation. The project aims to work with local actors (municipal government and community leaders) to develop their knowledge of holistic protection of children and youth, create a platform through which children and youth can develop policy proposals, and develop a guide to promoting active citizenship amongst children and youth.

Key Achievements

90 youth were trained on leadership skills and citizenship.

• ACOAR developed a draft Municipal Policy on Children and Youth which is currently under review with the expectation that it will be approved in 2012.

• ACOAR published a document outlining this experience of working with adolescents. This document is intended to be used as a guide to create youth participation processes, leadership, and give them a sense of purpose.

30 percent of parents in Nandaime participated in workshops and now have tools to establish caring relationships for a new model of child-rearing.