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Memorial Funds

Establish a memorial fund in the name of a loved and respected individual who supported the work we do in Mesoamerica. 

If you feel this may be an important option for you to consider, please contact us for details.

Rose and Zal El Salvador Fund


The Rose and Zal El Salvador Fund was set up in 2003 to honour the memory of Rose Richardson and Zal Yanovsky. It provides small loans for self-employment projects that generate an income for people in great need. Administered in a transparent and democratic manner by our respected partner ACUDESBAL, the loans (ranging in size from as low as $20 up to $500) are directed primarily at women in rural areas. Rose and Zal were both profoundly impressed by the resilience and commitment of the Central American people, and they generously contributed to our community development initiatives in Mesoamerica. The Rose and Zal El Salvador Fund continues this legacy of solidarity, supporting people who help themselves confront poverty, inequality and injustice with positive, people-driven solutions.

How You Can Help

 Make a donation! Just $10 monthly (about 30 cents a day) automatically charged to your credit card or paid directly from your bank supports individuals, families or community groups who can apply for small loans at low interest rates. In El Salvador, a little money goes a long way: a few hundred dollars is often enough to launch a small business. Who knows? Maybe your contribution to this fund will lead to market stalls for selling produce or crafts, small bakeries or even modest eateries! Alternatively, give a one-time donation by cheque or credit card.  Both are tax creditable.

To contribute to the Rose and Zal Fund, contact us

Ruth Bragança Scott Fund


The Ruth Bragança Scott Fund was established in 2010 in honour of our dear friend and former colleague, Ruth Bragança Scott. Wife of Joel Scott and mother to daughters Danielle and Amara,  Ruth was formerly the Superintendent of Human Resources and Organizational Development with the Simcoe County District School Board. She served on Horizons of Friendship’s Board of Directors from 1998 to 2010, and made a huge contribution to our development, gender policies and many other issues.  Ruth was President of our Board of Directors from 2002 to 2005.

How You Can Help

The Ruth Bragança Scott Fund will support projects that benefit women throughout Mesoamerica. Whether it be in health care, education, poverty reduction, general community development or in combating violence against women, recognizing women’s vulnerability and acting to bring about social and cultural equality for women is the only way to guarantee lasting change. Our partners work diligently to increase women’s access to classrooms, health care, training and micro-credit. Opportunities to meet, network, learn and work together empower women to speak with a strong voice and ultimately break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

To contribute to the Ruth Bragança Scott Fund, contact us.