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Emergency Funds

Measoamerica is very vulnerable to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. A disaster fund allows us to plan ahead.

When disaster strikes, whether man-made or natural, the most marginalized communities are often the most vulnerable and poorest equipped with the means to help themselves.

Global climate changes have contributed to the ever increasing and unpredictable occurrences such as hurricanes, tropical storms, droughts and floods. In Mesoamerica, the magnitude of the destruction brought on by these disasters is often amplified as a result of environmental degradation.

Horizons works with our partners to support communities to prevent disasters and mitigate their impact when they occur. We are not a disaster relief agency. However, when emergencies occur and our partners call on us for solidarity, Horizons responds. If you wish to support Horizon’s efforts in helping communities in Central America and Mexico build resiliency to respond to emergencies and/or in providing emergency support when disasters occur, consider making a donation to our Emergency Fund today or contact us for more details.