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In depth information for students, researchers, policy makers, and the interested public. In cooperation with our partners, we have access to a wealth of knowledge and we invite you to become engaged in topics that interest you. Please note, most of our partner publications are available in Spanish.

Publications and Presentations:

Femicide in Central America

Published by the Central American Feminist Network Against Violence towards Women as part of a regional project with the support of Horizons of Friendship. A qualitative study on femicide (gender based murder of women) in five Central American countries.

hiv aids
Horizons' Work on HIV/AIDS in Mesoamerica

Together with Humanitas, Costa Rica and the Central American HIV Observatory, Horizons has done innovative work on HIV/AIDS and harm reduction. This briefing gives an overview of HIV/AIDS in Mesoamerica and regional work on this theme. 

gender equity
Presentation: Towards Gender Equity and Ending Violence against Women

Copy of a presentation to the local chapter of the Canadian University Women's Federation, outlining our work on women's rights and gender equality in the region.

food sov
New Directions in Food Sovereignty: A South-North Youth Perspective

A South-North Youth Perspective on the global food system. A joint output from a youth conference by Jamaican Self-Help (Canada); Horizons of Friendship (Canada); Seaview Garden Youth Council (Jamaica); Caribbean Youth Summit (Jamaica); Oscar Arnulfo Romero Community Centre (Nicaragua).

nicaragua orientation
Presentation: Nicaragua 2013 - Trip Orientation 

Background information on Horizons and Nicaragua projects for the 2013 Trip Delegates.

gender equity
Presentation: Simiente Foundation for Human and Community Development

Partner Visit, April 2013

Presentation: From Sweatshops to Human Development

Partner Visit, June 2013

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