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The bi-annual newsletter is written and published by Horizons staff.
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Spring/Summer 2017

Featured Articles: NICARAGUA Students Broaden World View/VOLUNTEERS People Helping People/GENDER VIOLENCE Women Share Strategies/BEQUESTS A Gift for the Future

Fall/Winter 2016

Featured Articles: NICARAGUAN YOUTH  Kids Radio: All About Food/MATERNAL  HEALTH  Profile: Doña Esperanza Ordoñez/MIGRANT  WORKERS  Organizations Team Up to Tackle Challenges/FOUNDERS  AWARD 2016  Honouring Unsung Heroes

Spring/Summer 2016

Featured Articles: MIGRATION: Giving People Reasons to Stay/ANNUAL TOUR Nicaragua Visit an Adventure/PROFILE Alani Defends Worker Rights/PROJECT NEWS DESMI Seeds of Hope

Fall/Winter 2015

Featured Articles: MIGRANT WORKERS Local Food, Global Labour/PROFILE Dr. Aura Pisquiy, Mayan Medicine Advocate/GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE Men Step Up as Allies/FOUNDERS AWARD Volunteers Recognized/A SAD FAREWELL Christine Stewart, Founder & Friend

Spring/Summer 2015

Featured Articles: New Era for Horizons / Responding to the Call/Helping Students Learn / Small Investment, Huge Payoff/The Women of AFEDES / Isabel’s Story/Making a Personal Connection

Fall/Winter 2014

Featured Articles: Partners in Action/Fundraising Ramps Up /2015 Educational Tour to Guatemala / Founders Award / Horizons' Annual Report and Giving Circles

Spring/Summer 2014

Featured Articles: An Interview with ORMUSA  /El Salvador 2014 /Your Legacy is You / Revolving Microcredit Funds / Thanking Our Amazing Volunteers

Fall/Winter 2013

Featured Articles: Innovation in a Time of Change | Project News | Annual Report | A Year of Great Accomplishments | Donor Profile

Spring/Summer 2013

Featured Articles: Horizons 40th Anniversary | Looking Back Success Stories | Twilight of International Cooperation | Small is Beautiful


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