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Spring Appeal 2017

Dear Friends:

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Kids from the public school in Concepcion Chiquirichapa, Guatemala pose for a photo with Patricia Rebolledo and Emily Elizabeth Hill during the February 2017 Educational Tour.

Spring is the time to renew our hopes and faith in humanity, even in the face of the devastating news we read about every day – news that leaves us feeling sad and hopeless.

But I have seen, firsthand, how strong and enduring the human spirit is. I have witnessed the rebirth of communities in Central America and Mexico that had been destroyed after decades of war. I have watched how the fire in the heart of community members, damped down by those same forces, has rekindled and burst into life.  

When there was no health care in her village after the 12-year civil war in El Salvador, Maria Elena, a single mother, became a nurse and a midwife. And then there is Miguel, another victim of the war, who rebounded by becoming a doctor to help others in his village.

February Appeal 2017

My Dear Friends:

Happy New Year! I wish you and your family peace and prosperity in 2017.


Sharing health information with a group of adolescent sisters.

I have the same wishes for the hundreds of families we support in Central America and Mexico, as I know you do too.

It is thanks to your support and commitment  that Horizons and its partners were able to accomplish so much in 2016.

Christmas Appeal 2016

Greetings to all of you and Happy Holidays!

X-Mas appeal photo 1

Migrant workers enjoy a snack at Horizons before attending Health and Legal Clinics.

At this very special time of the year, we have so many things for which to be happy and grateful. We reap our personal “harvest,” whatever that may be.

It occurs to me that all of us – in a very individual way – are farmers. We plant the seeds of wishes, hopes, and dreams, and watch them grow into something tangible as we go through our daily lives. And just like in the planting cycle, we experience challenges along the way. There are periods of happiness and heartache, abundance and loss.

Fall Appeal 2016


United we are not alone

Dear Friends:

I wish to share with all of you how proud we feel at Horizons about the accomplishments of this year.

Sometimes, it feels as though our battle is not unlike that between David and Goliath; making a dent in an unjust system is not an easy task. The community members we support face extreme conditions and great challenges. But when I see how inspired they are and the energy they bring to changing their conditions, I realize it’s possible to win the battle.